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1. Before you get started

Weonwe is a SaaS solution that works through Software as Service. To power your newspaper, podcast or video high-end platform you need to buy a license and do almost nothing else: our technical team will bring your site to life and put it online, as you only need to start managing it from the media control panel.

2. Versatile licenses and prices adapted to your needs

Weonwe is a software solution focused on B2B to serve your media needs and modernize your current environment with Weonwe’s high-end performance, design and features. The price will depend on your current needs and the platforms you require and select to buy.

3. How does Weonwe work?

Weonwe works by modules, you have to pickup modules available and tell us which one want to buy with your license.

4. About Media Content Management

Weonwe has an excellent media ecosystem with user roles that you can create so that each type of user can edit or access different content.

5. Can I use weonwe as a private intranet for my company?

Of course, it is available in the license to make the website private under access for your premium customers or your employees only.

6. Does my company need to buy a web hosting and install everything?

No. Your site is completely hosted with Weonwe; you don’t need anything else. Safe accommodation is included.

7. Do I own my content?

Absolutely! You always own your data and your content which is totally private and encrypted. No one will ever market to your users, and you can export your data at any time.

8. Optimized speed & performance

Weonwe was designed with a very fast and easy panel to manage your media assets, one of the best in the media market.

9. How will be your media subscriptors payments processed?

Processing of payment for full subscriptions is included in the “Subscription Module” feature when it is included in your company’s license. Accept all major credit cards with a simple and secure payment, and receive instant access to your account funds. We provide an SSL certificate to help ensure that all your data and customer information is secure. Please note that transaction fees may apply if third-party payment processors such as Paypal or Stripe are used.

10. What levels of support are included?

Work one-on-one with our team to accelerate your goals. A personalized onboard call is included in our Premier and Plus plans. Premier and Plus plan customers also receive a launch readiness review and additional training.

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